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3D Magnet Dutchboys Red Light District Amsterdam

3D Magnet Dutchboys Red Light District Amsterdam

Orange Panda
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3 Dimensional Lenticular Magnet of Dutchboys visiting the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

The Dutchboys decided to visit the infamous Red Light District in Amsterdam. They had never been to this part of the city.

As they strolled down the streets, they marveled at the colorful lights and vibrant atmosphere. They were approached by a woman wearing lingerie, offering them a private dance.

As they continued walking, they stumbled upon a small coffeeshop and decided to take a break. They ended up spending the whole evening chatting with locals and tourists alike. They learned a lot about the history and cultural significance of the Red Light District.

The Dutchboys realized that the Red Light District was not just a place of vice, but a vibrant and diverse community. They felt grateful for the new perspective they had gained, and vowed to always have an open mind and be respectful towards all people, regardless of their profession.

The designers of Orange Panda have developed a beautiful collection of lenticular magnets. The designs are contemporary and have lively colors. The combination of depth and movement effect makes the images even more appealing to the imagination.

Format: 6.4 cm x 9 cm

Design by Orange Panda