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3D Postcard Amsterdam Canal Houses Keizersgracht

3D Postcard Amsterdam Canal Houses Keizersgracht

Orange Panda
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3-Dimensional Lenticular Postcard of the famous Amsterdam Canal Houses at Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's classic canal houses are typically tall and narrow, built in the Dutch Golden Age (17th century) style with gabled facades, stepped gables, and decorative elements such as ornamented facades and ornate doorways. They are often built overlooking the canal, with the entrance and main living spaces on the street level and additional rooms and storage spaces in the basement and top levels.

The attics often have a beam or pulley system for hoisting goods up from the street level to the upper floors. These pulley systems were a common feature in the homes of merchants who used them to bring goods into their homes, especially during the Dutch Golden Age when Amsterdam was a major trading hub. Today, these pulleys are still present in most of the older canal houses, but they are rarely used and mostly serve as a decorative feature.

The designers of Orange Panda have developed a beautiful collection of A6 lenticular postcards. The designs are contemporary and have lively colors. The combination of depth and movement effect makes the images even more appealing to the imagination.

Format: A6 10 x 15 cm

Design by Orange Panda